Hotel offers on portals are just c…, why ?


If you book directly you just get the best price, no 3rd party, no more rate parity (it’s over since last season) and hotels directly contacted make the best available price ’cause they are not paying commissions. So… find an offer on a portal and then call or send a mail to the hotel and ask for 7% less. They will give it you… and if they not say : “Ok I’ll book online” and see what happens… They will be more than happy to give you a 7% extra … it’s math guys … if a hotel pay 15% or more… I mean !!!

So try this hotel search engine communicating by chat with hotels, not asking commission and see what you can get (at least a 7% ) asking all the hotel of a destination in one click for their best offers… They know your are asking everybody and they are not fully booked… let’s just use market’s law in order to get the best from the net (hotels are tired of commissions and will appreciate to be directly booked…)

hotel concept

It’s so simple, I’m hotel manager since 15 years


Andrea Bc

Check this as well :



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